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100 push ups and an unexpected loss

August 29, 2011

Today should have been the start of week 2 of my one hundred push ups challenge, but since I did not do week 1 day 3 perfectly I did not feel like I should move on. So I am going to repeat week 1 again to make sure I am ready for week 2. Here are my results:

Week 1 Again Monday Goal Monday Actual
SET 1 6 6
SET 2 6 6
SET 3 4 4
SET 4 4 4
SET 5 max (at least 5) 7

I’m glad I’m repeating this week because I still struggled with today’s sets. I think I will be ready for week 2 at the end of this week though.


Like I said last night I had a bit of an extended cheat day yesterday and it was causing me a little anxiety. However, when I weighed myself this morning I still managed a 0.4lb loss! That was a very pleasant surprise!


I still haven’t made my post why I had to stop intermittent fasting, but I still plan on doing that soon. I also plan on trying it out again soon with the modification of eating in the morning instead of the afternoon. Maybe I can sit down and post tonight about my intermittent fasting problem.


Extended cheat day…

August 28, 2011

Yesterday was cheat day and I went all out! I saw the biggest cheat day gain so far too. I jumped up 7lbs. It doesn’t worry me too much though. I know I will be back to pre cheat day weight in 3-4 days.

I did low carb all day today, but then went out to dinner with family and ate not so low carb at all! Then my wife and I decided to go ahead and have some ice cream.

The extended cheat day did however mess with my head some. I’m really working on getting myself in the right place mentally too. I am constantly battling the idea that one little deviation from my plan will cause my weight to come rushing back! I just have to remember that this journey is not just a physical one. Even if I have a week of no loss or even a small gain that is okay. Losing this weight will not be an overnight thing.

Well hello 230s!

August 27, 2011

This morning I hit 239.8lbs! Of course, being cheat day I will get above 240lbs again today, but I’m very happy that I finally hit this short term goal! I thought I was going to do it a week ago but didn’t make it. Now on to my next short term goal: hitting 229.8lbs!

I keep track of everything in excel. When I started my low carb journey I didn’t know how to do anything in excel. Now I absolutely LOVE this program! Here are a couple of screen shots of my excel workbook. I am constantly changing what I am doing with the daily data I am collecting. Sometimes having count downs to a certain weight discourages me, but sometimes it’s a real motivator. I just added a section for projected weight on certain key dates for me. I like it so far. Any time my stats becomes discouraging I just delete the thing that bothers me and find a new way to show my data that keeps me positive.

 Where the graph starts it’s major ups and downs is when I started 4HB and started doing cheat days. I think even with the cheat days I seem to be losing at about the same rate as I did on Atkins. Of course, having the cheat day is far more enjoyable.  I know that you can add a trend line to the graph in excel, but I am going to have to get my friend who knows more about math to come over and show me how to determine what type of trend line to use and what that actually is showing me.

BACON! Now that I got your attention…

August 26, 2011

I just got done making something delicious and thought I would share it. It is kind of like my smoked fatty I made before but smaller and made a little differently.

As you can see I made three of these. The first one was blue cheese, spicy mustard, and dill relish. The second one was swiss cheese, spicy mustard, and dill relish. The third one was garlic, pizza sauce, mozzarella, black olives, and pepperoni.

When they were done I randomly chose one and it was the pizza filled one. It turned out pretty good. I apologize to the Bacon (yes, capital “b”, show some respect) gods for even thinking this, but next time I think I wont wrap them in bacon… It was just very overpoweringly bacon-y. My original idea was to just make big burgers with each patty split into two, stuffed, and then put back together. I dreamed of these all week at work and by the time I got a chance to make them they had evolved into what you see here. I might try one of the others for dinner later IF I get hungry, but that is a BIG IF.

Sorry for the not so great quality photos. I did them on my iPhone and used instagram to add an effect to the photos. I wanted them to be consistent, but it didn’t look great on all of them… I am going to start making more posts about the food I make, and will try to do better with the photos.

100 push ups – Week 1, Day 3

August 26, 2011

My 3rd day of the one hundred push ups program did not go as well as I would like. I completed the first 4 sets, struggled with the second set, and then failed the final set. I’m not sure if I need to move on to the next week or do this week over. I will have to check out the site and find out.

Friday Goal Friday Actual
8 8
10 10
7 7
7 7
max (at least 10) 8

I’m down 0.4lbs on my weight this morning. Which brings me 0.6lbs down from last week’s low. I would like to see a more substantial loss for this week, but that ends tomorrow. So I don’t think I will see it. I really wanted to see the 230s this week also, but again that really isn’t going to happen. Well, maybe it will. I think we are moving our cheat day to Sunday this week and next week because it will work out with our schedule better.


I had to stop doing my intermittent fasting. I will post more about that later today or tomorrow. Hopefully it is just a temporary move.


Finally a picture to keep me motivated and to be happy with any progress.

73 days ago these were pretty tight on me!

What if I…

August 25, 2011

The past couple of days I have been dealing with a fairly large amount of doubt…

I know that I am doing well and that all I have to do is keep on doing what I’m doing. Which is not even a hard thing to do because I love the way I live now. However, yesterday I was thinking about how in shape I feel now. I no longer feel like a sluggish fat person. If I went by how I feel alone I would think I was already thin, but then a thought entered my mind. It shouldn’t have bothered me, but it did… The thought was “but you have a long way to go.” Like I said this shouldn’t have been a problematic thought, but then all my past “diet” experiences came back to haunt me.

Then the “What if I” thoughts came back.


What if I never lose this weight.

What if I’m doing this all wrong.

What if I gain it all back over the coming holidays.

What if I lose all this weight, but then it comes back.

What if I fail… again.


When I think back over these times of doubt I can easily tell myself with absolute certainty that there is nothing to be worried about. I know I will lose the weight, I know I am doing this the right way, SO WHAT if I gain some of it back over the holidays, if I lose the weight and it starts coming back I will do what I already know to do, and I WILL NOT FAIL. I never failed in the past. The plans I followed were flawed and broken from the start. Sadly, in the moment it is not so easy to reassure myself.


I am, even though it sounds cheesy, on a journey. Like all long journeys this one will have it’s bumpy roads. I have met some friendly people along the way, and I will meet some more as I progress. I will come across some of the worst people I have ever met. People who want nothing more than to bash any hope I have, but that is fine. My path is clear and I have plenty of people to keep me on track along the way. If I get tired or discouraged I can count on the ones I love and the new friends I have made to keep me moving on.


Me and my puppy:

My wife sent me these pictures of my beautiful little boy while I was at work today. I love this boy more than life itself.

100 push ups – week 1, day 2

August 24, 2011

I almost didn’t do my second day of my one hundred push ups program. I was sore all day yesterday and woke up sore today, especially my abs. I decided to make  myself do my push ups and expected to fail miserably. I was surprised though when I went through the first 4 sets without a single problem. The final set has you do your max with a minimum. I wanted to get more than the minimum in, but I was only able to get to the minimum. I struggled with the last push up in the last set too. I’m happy though that even sore I was able to get through my sets and this will help my confidence for the coming weeks.

Here is week 1, day 2:

Wednesday Goal Wednesday Actual
6 6
8 8
6 6
6 6
max (at least 7) 7


I’m almost back down to my pre cheat day weight. I think I would have already been back down to it if it hadn’t been for my additional gain on Sunday. Lesson learned (again) though. If I deviate from what I know is safe and works I may not lose weight that day. Which is fine because this is all a learning process and this journey is not a short one. In the end I have to know how to live my life so that I won’t gain all my weight back. So if I never deviate from the exact same routine I will not be well equipped to handle life once I hit my goal.

Finally, I am still in love with intermittent fasting. My body is making a few changes for sure. I was only getting hungry once a day and that wasn’t till after I got off work at 9pm. The last two days I was actually starting to get hungry around 3:00-3:30pm. My eating times are 4:00pm-12:00am so this is still pretty good. So the past two days I have eaten two meals instead of the one meal I was eating last week. I still feel great with the two meals and still really love the times of fasting. I recommend everyone give it a shot if you can safely do so. I just love the way my mind and body operate while in my fasting window, and even after eating.


Here is my motivation for getting in better shape!