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Sometimes things don’t go how you expect them to

August 31, 2011

If you haven’t caught on yet I am a very obsessive person and I worry A LOT! It is not uncommon for me to obsess over something I ate that I think will cause me to gain weight that day. It sucks, but it is what it is. This problem is made worse the days following cheat day. I always obsess about getting back to pre cheat day weight. Even though I already know that typically 3-4 days after cheat day I will be back to pre cheat weight, plus I will still show a loss for the week, I still obsess and drive myself crazy.

I thought that I had started to get over that bit of worry and obsession, but then this last cheat day I went all out and jumped up 7.2lbs! I know that this weight is not truly fat, but it still freaked me out. Especially since I had just dropped into the 230’s. I have been worried about wether or not I would fully recover from this last cheat day. Then Sunday night we went out with family and I decided to have an extended cheat day. I had a bacon cheese burger with onion rings and some chips and salsa. Plus I finished half of my wife’s chicken, bacon, and ranch quesadilla. Then we decided to go ahead and have some ice cream and split a pack of Reese’s peanut butter cups. I thought for sure I would have gained that day. Nope, I ended up dropping 0.4lbs! How I managed that is unknown to me, but I’ll take it!

Then Monday was a pretty good food day, but I still obsessed about wether or not I should eat more or less food than normal to speed up the recovery time. I ended up eating a pretty normal amount of food and came out with a 2.4lb loss that day. I was very pleased with that because that is the kind of loss I often see after a cheat day.

Then yesterday I introduced the almond flour bread and convinced myself that was going to cause me to not lose weight or even gain weight that day. I know it is stupid because no matter how you look at it, carbs or calories, it should not be a problem, but I still worried. I also worried about it because I put mayo and swiss on my sandwich. I shouldn’t have worried though because I used quantities I have used in the past and had no problems. Then I worried because I did not do as much walking around at work yesterday because I ended up have to drive a lot yesterday. I went home on a lunch break and had three pork chops with guacamole and sour cream on them. Again for no good reason I worried this would halt my progress. Then later that night I went to Red Robbins to work on their soda fountain. When I was done the manager offered me dinner. I had never eaten at Red Robbins before, but heard they will do their burgers protein style (lettuce bun) for you. So I got a bacon cheese burger with pepper jack cheese. It was the lettuce bun, bacon, cheese, burger, tomato, and mayo. It had a lot of mayo and I am sure the bacon was cured in tons of sugar. So to continue the theme for the day I freaked out and was sure my weight would jump up.

I almost forgot to mention. I also was freaking out because I for some reason was craving diet soda all day. I didn’t want to drink anything else! I had a big glass of diet ginger ale with breakfast and lunch (16oz each?), then a 20oz coke zero, a 12oz can of cherry coke zero, and another big glass of diet ginger ale when I got home. I had heard people report diet soda giving them trouble with weight loss so I of course worried about that. I did manage to still drink about 120oz of water though so that is good.

So after all this worry what happened?

I lost 2.2lbs!

This puts me just 2.2lbs away from pre cheat day weight! So it seems as if I worried for nothing! Now you would hope this would mean I will not worry obsessively again today… but I am sure I will… That’s just how I am until I get back to pre cheat day weight… but maybe this time will be different 😉

Todays results from my 100 push up challenge:

Wednesday Goal Wednesday Actual
6 6
8 8
6 6
6 6
max (at least 7) 9


I had to go work on a fountain machine in a funnel cake wagon at the Carroll county fairgrounds yesterday and took this photo.

  1. Lynn permalink
    August 31, 2011 10:24

    I’m glad you still lost weight! Maybe it’s a thing of feeling like indulgence and weight loss don’t feel right together, and it’s bothering you that you’re not feeling deprived enough??

    • August 31, 2011 10:47

      That could be a big part of it! I know there are still days that I can’t believe that eating lots of stuff we are told is horrible for us actually makes me healthier!

      I know another part of it is that I am just so tired of being fat and out of shape. I have tried and failed so many times that it is hard to relax even when I know that this time it’s different.

  2. August 31, 2011 11:04

    It seems to me that when I do things like exercise and eat sometimes it takes days to be fully realized on the scale. I indulged once since June 10th and it took a week or so to get back to where I was. The cheat wasn’t really that bad. No wheat even. I don’t know if they are worth i at least weekly. I feel like crap when I do indulge.

    • August 31, 2011 11:34

      I have been doing a cheat day once a week for a while now and seem to recover as far as wright goes in a few days. I weigh myself daily so I see every up and down. If I weighed myself just on Saturday mornings I would see nothing but a pretty steady loss. I graphed my Saturday weights on my phone a minute ago and it looks pretty good. I will have to share it soon.


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