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Day three of intermittent fasting and Walden Farms revisited.

August 19, 2011

Today was the third day of my intermittent fasting experiment. I again was very very pleased. I felt so good all day and again just was not hungry at all till dinner time. Even then I was not even that hungry but I was excited to eat what I planned on making for dinner.

Which brings me to Walden Farms products again. I made a couple of burgers and a large salad for my meal tonight. One burger was topped with blue cheese, spicy mustard, and relish. The other was topped with blue cheese, relish, and the Walden Farms thick and spicy BBQ sauce. I had the Walden Farms ranch dressing mixed with spicy guacamole on the salad.

The salad was great and the ranch again did not disappoint. The BBQ sauce sadly was very disappointing. I just poured some on the burger after cooking it and it was just very over powering. It was VERY sweet and not that spicy at all. It lived up to it’s name and was thick, but not in an appealing way. I think the BBQ sauce will be good if the meat is cooked with it like last night, but straight from the bottle it just doesn’t do it for me.


I had planned on a big post tonight about the data I have been collecting since going low carb 66 days ago, but I am going to wait till tomorrow to have one more weeks worth of data to share and talk about.

I also have a big post planned where I will be talking about my struggle with anxiety and depression, but I am just too tired to put in the effort required to make sure I am absolutely clear on all the things I bring up.


Lastly I went to my doctor today for a follow up. I switched to this doctor on 7-5-11 because I was having trouble with my blood pressure meds and thought I need to get off them. My then doctor said nothing was wrong, but I decided to get another opinion. She agreed that I needed to stop taking the meds but wanted to do a follow up to make sure I was doing fine with out them. Well, she was very pleased with the data I gave her and said that we can consider me off the BP meds for good! She doesn’t even want to see me again for another 6 months. She also made the comment that at my rate I would be under 200lbs by then! I really love my new doctor because she seems very supportive of my choice to eat low carb and didn’t have one negative thing to say even when I told her about my intermittent fasting. My old doctor actually tried to convince me that humans HAVE TO HAVE starchy carbs to live… That was when I knew I had to get a new doctor!

Anyway, it was very nice to have my doctor tell me she was impressed with my results and even ask me about details of what I was doing!

  1. Lynn permalink
    August 20, 2011 05:49

    I’m glad the intermittent fasting is going well! It was weird, after I fasted for a whole day last week, the next morning I had coffee, but still felt in no hurry to eat anything for breakfast. I thought I’d be starving. I think a lot of these “rules” about eating are not necessarily valid, just rules we’ve made up along the way. Like: carbs are necessary for energy, drink 8 glasses of water a day, eat breakfast, eat three meals a day, eat a balanced diet, never eat near bedtime.

    On barbecue sauce-that’s still a problem for me. I think I’ve made my own, but can’t remember how good it turned out. I think it was okay, but probably thin. It was a low carb version. My two teenage sons love barbecue sauce, and most if not all have HFCS, sugar, etc. I remember trying a sugar-free one once-don’t remember the brand-and it wasn’t very good. Plus I think, like low-fat salad dressings, you keep eating more cause you can tell that that satisfying fat taste and feel is simply not there. So I need to try Walden Farms or making my own again. I think thickness is the problem. Maybe the sugar is what helps with that? Oh, and I agree that even the low carb stuff can be way too sweet.

    Re what people buy in the grocery store-it’s fascinating to watch. Yesterday was unusual cause my son gave me a wish list, mainly bad stuff, and I actually bought most of it. This is not a regular thing though. Anyway, he had orange juice and grape juice on there. I could not bring myself to buy those-just pure, liquid sugar. I can’t do it! lol I think I’m always a little shocked to see people stocking up on sodas and think-wow, do people really drink that stuff all day like they used to? I think plenty do!

    I’m glad you found a supportive doctor and are off the blood pressure meds. That sounds like a big deal to me, when they say-you don’t need these anymore! Sweet success. My doctor is a woman also, and I like her because she doesn’t “get mad” at me, but she does wholeheartedly disagree with my decision not to take a statin. From what she said, I gather I’m the only patient she has that has turned them down, and I also have the highest cholesterol. I little disturbing to hear, but I am fairly informed on the subject, so I’m fairly confident in my decision. The one time I tried to explain why I felt as I do (she had asked) she poo-pooed it. That of course made me resolve to clam up from now on about the subject. Also I was concerned about lowering my A1C more, which she of course said was fine. So she’s pleasantly disagreeing with everything! I’ll stay there for now.

    • August 20, 2011 08:23

      It amazes me how as I research stuff independently I am finding that a lot of the things we are told we have to do is based on bogus science or no evidence at all.

      8 glasses of water – bullshit – drink water when you are thirsty and you will be fine.

      Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner – bullshit – eat when you are hungry, eat good food, and your body will let you know when to do it and being hungry every so often is not a bad thing.

      Avoid sodium – bullshit – apparently this is based on one mans research were he gave rats something like 50x the normal amount of sodium and they got hypertension and died or something. Okay… that tells us nothing! Give someone 50x the normal amount of water in a day and they will also die! OH NO EVERYONE WATER WILL KILL YOU! AVOID DRINKING WATER!

      Diets high in red meat cause a whole host of medical problem – bullshit – these studies are based on reporting what they eat over a long period of time and don’t take everything into account. Do they wash down their red meat with milk, juice, or sugary beverages? Are they eating steaks with mashed potatoes, rolls, fries, or other high carb foods? Hmm so is it the red meat, that we have been eating for millions of years, or is it the high carb foods that we have just recently introduced into our diets?

      I could go on and on, but you get the point. From now on I am going to follow what I feel is right for me based on real results that I have myself.

      Having a supportive doctor is vital! I felt so demoralized by having my doctor not listen to me and give me advise that would eventually cause me more medical problems down the road.

      My 22 month old son doesn’t want me to type anymore 🙂 so I will end it with that.

      Thank you for keeping up with my journey. It is greatly appreciated!

      • Lynn permalink
        August 21, 2011 06:02

        I agree! Yeah, I’ve noticed that in a lot of stuff where they blame meat or something, they leave out what else you’re eating. Or when they talk about calories, they make it sound like sugar and meat-it’s all the same! But it’s not, and your body knows it’s not. Which you’d think would be obvious. Imagine sitting there saying, “Hmm, I have this large piece of cake w/ icing on it. I also have this nice, juicy steak.” Now does your body do different things with those foods? Very different things. It’s like they’ve never heard of insulin and what it does with what kind of food.

        Oh one more point. You mentioned “advise that would eventually cause me more medical problems down the road.” That made me think of a video clip from dLife with Dr. Richard K. Bernstein and a lady from the American Diabetes Association. It’s famous in low-carb circles. He shows how a tiny bite of bread turns into glucose immediately. He then says, “If I ate that whole slice of bread, my blood sugar would go sky high!” (He’s type 1 diabetic.) And before that, she had casually stated how most diabetics must take medication for their disease. The video is just a very short little demonstration of the way the establishment sees it and the common sense approach-which would be, “Hmm, maybe I should just skip the bread.”

      • August 21, 2011 07:14

        I think I have see that video before. Were they standing at a table showing what each of them would recommend someone eats?

  2. August 20, 2011 22:47

    Good find on the new Doc! and keep posting please, your doing allot of the heavy work for many of us here.


    • August 21, 2011 07:13

      It is so nice having a doctor you feel you can really talk to openly and not worry about them giving you bad advise!

  3. Lynn permalink
    August 21, 2011 08:00

    Yep, that’s the one. Dr. Bernstein’s sort of a hero of mine, because he figured out that the establishment people don’t really want you to get well. There’s no money or power in that!

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