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The goodness I eat and lose weight

August 12, 2011

I love bacon. Who doesn’t? So I wanted to share a couple of things I made a while back and never posted. The first one is a variation of a recipe called Kaytucky Chicken. It is an amazing recipe, but not low carb. So I modified it by taking the bacon out of the filling and added chipotle powder, garlic powder, and salt & pepper to the filling. Then I wrapped the chicken breast in bacon and smoked them in my smoker with hickory chunks. It turned out so AMAZING!

Bacon wrapped stuffed chicken breast

Bacon wrapped stuffed chicken breast

Then I made another smoked fatty. This time with pizza toppings. It was provolone cheese, garlic, parmesan cheese, pizza sauce, pepperonis, and salt & pepper. It too was pretty amazing, but not as amazing as the chicken.
Pizza fatty!

I had a sandwich for dinner tonight made with oopsie rolls. The rolls were pretty flat, but still tasted awesome. It was oven roasted turkey breast, chipotle cheddar, mayo, spicy mustard, lettuce, and salt & pepper. YUMMY!
Oopsie roll sandwich

  1. August 12, 2011 23:36

    wow, that all looks so good. Did you use cream cheese in the chicken? I was thinking maybe a Greek flavor with feta and spinach.

    • August 13, 2011 07:04

      Yep, I used cream cheese, italian parsley, green onion, garlic powder, chipotle powder, and salt & pepper for the filling. Feta and spinach would be amazing! Feta is my favorite cheese!

  2. Lynn permalink
    August 13, 2011 05:18

    Looks fabulous! Glad you reminded me of oopsie rolls. I need to try those.

    • August 13, 2011 07:06

      Technically my oopsie rolls did not turn out, but they still tasted great! They have practically no carbs so they are a great substitution for bread! You can even modify the recipe of oopsie rolls and make a very low carb cake! 😉

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