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August 12, 2011

I’ve gone into information overload AGAIN!

I stopped listening to podcasts because I was getting too much conflicting info and it was causing me to doubt the way I am doing things even though I am getting fantastic results. Well, twitter is next on the chopping block. At first twitter was great because I was following other 4HB people, but then I started to slowly add in more big name health people and the information overload came back. The self doubt did to. So I will be dropping a lot of the people I follow and start focusing on “real” people who are still struggling like me.

I have issues with self worth. I’m always looking for ways to make myself better because I can’t seem to accept that who I am and what I am doing is good enough. I don’t know what caused that to be so ingrained in my being, but it has shown that it will not go without a fight. So even though I am getting great results with what I am doing I’m constantly battling with various aspects in an effort to tweak my diet to “perfection”. I thought all day yesterday about first no cheat days. Then I changed to a cheat day every other week, and then a cheat day progression where first there’s a week between, then two weeks, then three, and so on. If you haven’t noticed I get obsessive easy.

Another example is the frequency and quantity I eat. Recently I decided to only eat when I get hungry. This turned out to be about an hour after I wake up and then about 12-13hours after that. Well again I tried to tweak that to get “better” results. I toyed with the idea of waiting till I was ravenously hungry before I would eat. This is not a good mindset to be in and will set me up to failing to meet my unrealistic expectations. It is also unnecessary since I have already shown that I can eat three large meals a day of good food and still lose weight at an impressive rate.

So I’ve set my mind straight… For now. Cheat days are in, I will eat when hungry and not try to go past then, and I will keep things the same as they are now till it stops working for me.

Another thing that has been tripping me up is the desire to eat a better quality diet. I would like to eat only local sustainably grown/raised food. My area is awesome for this, but sadly I just can’t afford it. I know many people view this as an excuse, but I just simply can’t find a way to make it work for me and my family on my income. Trust me I have done the math many times! So that is a reality that I have to just live with.

I hope to spend some time today and tomorrow tweaking my blog a bit to better reflect where I am in my journey now and also to add blogs that I try to keep up with on the side bar. If you read this and have a blog about your journey to health and fitness let me know so I can check it out!

Last thing is that I am at a new low today. I am at 244.8lbs! I’m pretty excited about this and should be down even more tomorrow before my cheat day gain. It seems that no matter how much I gain on cheat day it will take me 3 days to recover from it and then I have 3 days of solid weight loss. This is good enough for me since at my current rate I will be under 200lbs in 65 days! Of course I know that this rate will slow down as time goes on, but it is still nice for now!

  1. August 12, 2011 14:31

    Congratulations on the new low Aaron!

    Regarding local grown/raised food: I understand about affordability; here are a couple of tricks I learned when I first changed over:
    1) Substitution – There is research showing that no benefit is derived when choosing some organically grown vegetables over the commercially farmed alternative…so investigate this; purchase organic/local when it is beneficial and commercially raised when not.
    2) No Waste – Plan, Plan, Plan your menus, and only buy the amounts you need.
    3) Budget – Gear your menu to your weekly food budget.
    4) Family – Get the family involved; let the kids (if they’re old enough) know what you’re trying to accomplish, and let them help with the menu planning. It’s certainly never too early to get them thinking about healthy eating…I wish I had considered it earlier.

    Good luck in good health,

    • August 12, 2011 14:35

      Thanks David!

      I have heard that there are many things that are pointless to buy organic, but never took the time to research them. Also I hear buying in season veggies will make them much cheaper. So I need to maybe look into a seasonal meal plan sort of thing.

      Waste is a problem around here because of all the change in the way we eat. We still don’t have a great grasp on how much we will need so sometimes things just go bad. This is something we need to work on a lot!

      Thanks again, and I really appreciate all the words of encouragement you have given me!

  2. August 12, 2011 15:56

    Man, I aspire to lose weight like you do. My first 2 weeks were awesome, and now it’s slowed down a lot. As far as I know I haven’t changed like anything diet wise. I’ve added ice packs and some cold showers, I drink more Yerba Mate.

    Oh well, I’ll make some tweaks here and there and hopefully start burning fat like you đŸ˜‰

    • August 12, 2011 21:12

      I think I am just lucky with a body that doesn’t hold on to fat very strong. I am sure at a point I am going to hit a wall with my loss.

      I got lazy on the ice packs but just started them back the other day. I always take cold showers now. I tried a warm/hot shower the other day and it was just too hot! I really enjoy my cold showers now.

      Just keep at it and find what works for you.

  3. August 13, 2011 09:29

    I have a tendency to overthink too. I start to get worried about whether I should be completely grain free, or if I should be doing primal or paleo, and what exactly is the difference between those two? Or should I just do low carb? Am I eating enough fat, too much fat? I can go on and on wondering what I should be doing and if I’m doing it right.

    It looks like you are doing everything right for your body. Your weight loss is wonderful, and you can really see the difference already!

    • August 13, 2011 09:35

      I’m glad someone else understands what I am going through! I don’t really know the difference between paleo and primal. I think they are the same, but people just call it different things. Who can keep up with all that anyway!

      Thank for the nice words! I feel so much better too!

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