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Day 14 – Cheat day recap!

July 30, 2011

Today was my second cheat day. I don’t feel horrible like I did last week so that is awesome! I did feel gross after breakfast though, but then I felt great all day.

I got a smoker today and my dad came over and taught me the basics of smoking meat, which he is amazing at! We smoked two pork tenderloins and the turned out pretty darn tasty! So I will be having that, along with some garlic pulled pork I made yesterday, for the next few days.

So on to the cheat day recap. I ate a lot, but honestly I thought I ate much more than this…

Breakfast was: Grapefruit Juice, chocolate milk, and cinnamon rolls.

Day 14 cheat day!
Day 14 cheat day!
Day 14 cheat day!
Then I had a snack of an Oreo brownie:

Day 14 cheat day! 

I took my brother out to lunch for his birthday to a pizza place called Gusanos pizza. We split a Chicago style pepperoni and black olive pizza and some cheesy bread stick things that I forgot to take a picture of.

Day 14 cheat day! 

Then I came home and had another snack of some panda cookie things. Originally my wife and I were going to split the two flavors, but she did not like them so I had them all.

Day 14 cheat day! 

Then While my dad was teaching me to smoke meat I had a twix while talking about weight loss, lol.

Day 14 cheat day! 

Then we went out to eat with my wife’s parents. I had chips & salsa and “john’s special.” Which is 2 chicken or steak, I had one of each, and grilled onions wrapped in a tortilla with cheese sauce, sour cream, salsa, and a side of refried beans.

Day 14 cheat day!
Day 14 cheat day!
(it was dark in there so it was hard to take a picture)Then some more grapefruit juice, half a mounds bar, and a couple more Oreo brownies:

Day 14 cheat day!
Day 14 cheat day!
Day 14 cheat day! 

Then my wife and I watched a bad short horror movie and an episode of Parks and Recreation while enjoying some cheese cake:

Day 14 cheat day! 

No I also planned on having two more Oreo brownies, the last glass of chocolate milk, and an ice cream brownie thing we bought, but I ran out of time and just didn’t feel like eating anymore.

So that is the damage done today. Next week I think I will probably have a slow carb breakfast and not start cheat day till lunch. Then I will have some kind of candy between lunch and dinner. Then dinner, which we usually go out with my wife’s parents for dinner, and a small snack after dinner.

That’s the plan at least. We will see what I am craving by then!

  1. July 31, 2011 18:41

    You do realize that, although you may be able to lose weight while still having cheat meals, that eating stuff like that is far from optimal for health?

    Trans fats and other items found in processed foods can take a long time to leave your body, and if you keep eating them every weekend they will never completely go away.

    • July 31, 2011 18:49

      Oh I definitely know all about that stuff. This is a bit of an experiment with the 4 hour body plan. I am going to be following the plan in the book for 30 days and then at the end of that evaluate what I want to do with my diet then.

      I could try to push myself to a 100% healthy natural way of eating right away or I could focus on one aspect of health at a time. Right now my main concern is dropping my weight. When I get my weight down I will work on another aspect of health. In the end I plan on trying to find a way to eat 100% local organic foods. Right now though that is a bit out of my reach.

      One thing I agree with is that an okay plan you follow is better than a perfect plan you don’t.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. August 4, 2011 08:01

    I heard a great quote from a local doctor today – “If my patients took all of my advice, they’d live a longer and joy-free life.”

    Sure, we know a candy bar ain’t whole food, but I think moderation on a “cheat-day” makes sense. So far, it’s working for a lot of people. Like you said, it’s a journey to get closer to eating 100% healthy. Let’s start slow and shoot for 95%. I think that’s pretty darn good :).

    I love the that you were downing a Twix while talking weight-loss. Awesome.

    • August 4, 2011 08:22

      I agree, I have been reading where people have even had great success just eating a good slow/low carb breakfast and eating “normal” the rest of the day.

      I enjoyed the thought of losing weight and telling about it while eating junk. Earlier in the day I was eating a big chicago style pizza with my brother while talking health and nutrition. It can seem a little off to some people, but those of us who try this way of life understand it. 🙂

      I know some people can jump in and have the ability and money to get 100% healthy right away by eating local, organic, grass fed, and all that fun stuff, but for me working towards that as an end goal is good enough for me!

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