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End of day 5

July 21, 2011

At the start of the day I was down another .8 pounds. That brings my total to 7.4 pounds in 4 days!

To echo what I put in my video tonight, the diet is going well. It is very easy to follow but I do have the tendency to over think everything. So with my first cheat day, reverse lent, dieters gone wild, faturday, or whatever you want to call it coming up I am a bit concerned.

I know many people have had much success on this plan, but I am still worried about it. I imagine after a couple cheat days I will feel better about it.

On Saturday morning I will post my end of the week stats and pictures.

  1. July 22, 2011 08:22


    Amazing progress so far! Regarding cheat day, just enjoy it. Have some foods you have been avoiding, eat fruit since you don’t all week. Don’t feel guilty, because it is part of the plan. Also, I typically weight in 4 lbs higher the next day and take until wednesday to stabilize to my pre-binge weight (my cheat day is saturday). It’s mostly water weight anyways, so drink a lot of it on cheat day and the days after.

    Following the Damage Control chapter in the book will help limit the damage on cheat day. Tim also states many people move from a cheat day to simply a cheat-meal a week.

    You’ll find something that works for you, Good Luck.


    • July 22, 2011 09:26

      I am going to try to not over think the cheat day, but I have been fat for so long and am done being fat. We have been taught that to lose weight we need to basically punish our selves. The more I read stuff like Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes and research low/slow carb I am finding that this is just completely wrong! However, the idea of a cheat day, while it makes sense, still goes against what has been burned into my brain.

      I just have to get through this one and show myself it is not a big deal…

      • July 22, 2011 09:53

        It is a little scary, not gonna lie. Just roll with it though. Like hone said, do damage control and drink LOTS of water. I also buy 1 lime and drink 4 glasses of lime water. Theres something about drinking some citrus juices in the damage control chapter.

        Personally, I don’t weigh myself every day. Tim even mentions in the book not to, and I agree because daily fluctuations don’t reflect weight loss. I did cheat once, after my 1st cheat day I looked and had gained 2 pounds. By next weigh in (saturdays before my eating frenzy) I had lost those 2 pounds plus an additional 5, so it WILL come off.

        You’re doing fine, though. Your first week results are crazy, so you’re doing it right so far 😉

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