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End of day two.

July 18, 2011

So after day one I am down 1.4lbs!

I did not plan day two well and didn’t bring enough food to work. So I ended up having to pick up an unplanned dinner of three hard boiled eggs.

So far I am enjoying this plan. I do have some problems mentally though. I have been doing all sorts of research about low carb living and have found that even in this community there are very big differences in opinion about what the idea of a proper diet is.

It has left me over-thinking everything I do. So I decided I need to stop over-thinking everything and focus on one goal at a time. From the research I have done it has left me not wanting to eat any “bad” food. I also understand the reported benefits of the cheat day.

So I am going to first focus on losing weight and then move on to other areas of health.

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