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Some quick thoughts

July 16, 2011

I start my 30 day challenge of following the 4-hour body weight loss plan.


I am not completely new to low carb or slow carb in this case. So I already now that the reduction of carbohydrates does work. My skeptical thoughts of this plan come from a few things.

  1. The idea of the cheat day, although it makes sense and seems like sound reasoning, still seems like it would be too good to be true.
  2. The presence of legumes in this diet worries me because even though they digest slower, and thus raise our blood sugar slower, they are still heavy in carbohydrates. In an interview Tim said it was included to increase success and could be dropped after you get used to it. Which I plan to do after my 30 day experiment.
  3. I lost weight the month I was on Atkins and really enjoyed the food I eat on a low carb lifestyle. However, with Atkins you have to track your carbohydrates and that requires looking up the nutrition of the foods you eat and weighing out your food. That simply is a pain in the butt and for me is not sustainable. This plan does not really put limits on stuff and really requires no checking of nutrition facts or portioning out your food* (once you understand what is in your food). Now coming from the Atkins mindset this makes me feel like I would eat too many carbs on this plan…
Those are my three main concerns about this plan, but we will see how it goes.
I am however ready to get back into a low carb lifestyle. I thought it would be good to come into this how an average carb loving person would. So for the past three days I have eaten about a 50/50 mix of low carb and “regular” food. I have to tell you I did not enjoy that! I did however notice a few interesting things the past three days.
  • My blood pressure has been steadily increasing each day. According to my blood pressure readings from today if I don’t reverse that increase I should start back on one of my two blood pressure medicines.
  • I got a glucometer last week to see what my blood sugar looked like now that I was doing low carb. I noticed that over the past three days my fasting blood sugar keeps creeping further up each morning.
  • I have been very moody the past couple of days and have been dramatically over reacting to situations. I have been misinterpreting peoples moods too. My wife said this definitely started when I went back to eating carbohydrates.
So like I said before, even if this plan doesn’t work I am going to find a low carb way of living that works for me because carbohydrates do not work for me at all.

*Thanks to Jimmy Moore for pointing out that the beauty of a low carb lifestyle is that you don’t have to count things. The low carb life can be as easy as remember that it should be high in natural fat, moderate amounts of protein, and low in carbohydrates.

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